Mood du jour : "The Cautionary Tales Of Mark Oliver Everett" Eels.

Chut aujourd'hui, on écoute le beau grain de voix de Mark Oliver Everett, sur son dernier album avec son groupe Eels "The Cautionary Tales Of Mark Oliver Everett".

01 Where I'm At
02 Parallels
03 Lockdown Hurricane
04 Agatha Chang
05 A Swallow in the Sun
06 Where I'm From
07 Series of Misunderstandings
08 Kindred Spirit
09 Gentlemen's Choice
10 Dead Reckoning
11 Answers
12 Mistakes of My Youth
13 Where I'm Going

Edition Deluxe Bonus
01 To Dig It
02 Lonely Lockdown Hurricane
03 Bow Out
04 A Good Deal
05 Good Morning Bright Eyes
06 Millicent Don't Blame Yourself
07 Thanks I Guess
08 On The Ropes (Live WNYC)
09 Accident Prone (Live WNYC)
10 I'm Your Brave Little Soldier (Live WNYC)
11 Fresh Feeling (Live KCRW)
12 Trouble WIth Dreams (Live KCRW)
13 Oh Well (Live KCRW)


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