News du jour : "Untold Stories" Shai Maestro Trio.

Le Trio Shai Maestro nous avait caché des histoires musicales, qu'il nous dévoile dans ce nouvel album "Untold Stories".
Shai Maestro - piano
Jorge Roeder - contrebasse
Ziv Ravitz - batterie
"It’s been 4 years since I started playing with Ziv and Jorge.
These years were some of the most meaningful years in my life… An endless quest for spiritual, human and musical growth, learning about the values of life and the stuff that really matter, amongst them – friendship and compassion.
We played many concerts together but we try to never stop being students.

Today i’m really happy to announce that our 3rd album as a trio will be released on April 27th. This is a conclusion of our road so far, the 3rd part of somewhat of a trilogy.
It is called “Untold Stories”.

I’m very happy to have the chance to share this music with you as this is our last trio effort before expanding into other territories (while keeping the trio as the core).

I want to thank all the people who are a part of our journey and that we are a part of theirs. It’s a very rewarding process.

Much love to you all,"

 01 Maya's Song (Paris Session)
02 When You Stop Seeing (Paris Session)
03 Treelogy
04 Elusive
05 Painting Live
06 Endless Winter (Brooklyn Session)
07 Shades (Brooklyn Session)
08 Looking Back (Quiet Reflection)

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