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"Heart's Desire" Don Blackman, extrait de l'album "Don Blackman" de 1982, Label Arista Records.


Don "Minister Of Funk" Blackman - chant, claviers, compositions, arrangements
Barry "Sonjohn" Johnson - basse
Steve "City" Horton - guitare
Sheri "Ayo" Snyder - chant, choeurs
Desire "Deezie" White - choeurs
Dennis Chambers - batterie 
Errol Crusher Bennett - percussions
Dave Grusin - arrangement cordes

Mood du jour Heart's Desire Don Blackman La Muzic de Lady


You are my life and my heart's desire
You set my soul on fire
You give me joy in my darkest night
I feel your love, I said all your love
Girl you want want to fly, we'll always gettin' high on life
So you say, you want to play, we haven't last the final day
But you tryin' do, all the things I skip for you
Looking from the start, your remain within my heart
You are my life and my heart's desire
You set my soul on fire
Now the time is come and soon we have to run away
And now or never we'll be back in love again
But youre in my heart, you are wanted from the start
If you want what i do, share with me my love for you
You give me joy...
I feel your love...
You are my life...

Version Live à Jazz à Vienne en 2009, avec Don Blackman - chant, clavier principal, Lennox Cameron - clavier, Tony Remy - guitare, Frank Tontoh - batterie, Nick Cohen - basse, Donna Garidier, Luise Irene James - chant.

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